Bat Out of Hell - Teenager In Love Lyrics

2018 London
Bat Out of Hell the Musical - Teenager In Love Lyrics

I've been dreaming up a storm lately
I've been dreaming up a storm lately!

And the entire city is burning
Look! You can see the colors dancing around
the flames like the inside of a mad jukebox.

Horny angels stalk the streets looking for a little damnation
And wearing nothing but the red badge of love.

Motorcycles reproduce in nocturnal alleys,
groaning with greasy pleasure.
And they've blown up the YWCA like a giant balloon and sent
It out to sea full of screaming, lovely, lonely girls.

And if I fall asleep here tonight
You better give me some asbestos sheets
'Cause I've been sweating gasoline,
My dreams are highly flammable
And there are parts of my body
That just won't stop giving off sparks!

Stop me before I dream again!

Why must I be a teenager in love...?

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Teenager In Love Lyrics from Bat Out of Hell

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