Closer Than Ever - Three Friends Lyrics

Off-Broadway Musical
Closer Than Ever - Three Friends Lyrics

Alice, the lawyer
Angela, the writer
Nancy, the painter
Couldn't have been tighter
No college friends had futures that were brighter
Never apart
Joined at the heart

Came to new york, took off and never drifted
Alice was smart
And angela was gifted
Nancy made art that made you feel uplifted
That's how we started

We were so lucky, coming here as
But would we always be so?
How could we know?

Angela's dad hired alice as a lawyer
Nancy found angie someone to employ her
Alice hung nancy's paintings in her foyer and we could see
We were still friends like the friends
That your friends ought to be

One year later

Angela wrote all day in her pajamas
Nancy was painting scenr'y at la mama's
Alice's crowd took trips to the bahamas
Off on our own
Joined at the phone

Angie met paul, to whom she took a fancy
Nancy met paul at parties on delancy
Alice met paul at home in bed with nancy
Which truly strained us

Friends (uh-huh)
It wasn't easy trying to stay
Friends (uh-huh)
But would we sort it all out?
How could you doubt?

Alice the lawyer moved to the dakota
Nancy gave up, went back went back to minnesota
Angela's life has changed not one iota
She's now drug-free
Still we were friends like the friends
That your friends ought to be

Ten years later

Angela now writes stories in her attic
Nancy's a vegetarian fanatic
Alice says only jews vote democratic
Meet for a night
Boy do we fight

Angela's husband has the charm of nero
Alice's husband calls dan qualye a hero
Everyone thinks that nancy's is a zero
But still we're right here

We have reunions now because we're
For as we start to grow old
Life can get cold

Sorry I'm late
It's wonderful to see you
You're looking great
That I can guarantee you
Though it is true I wouldn't want to be you
It's still us three
In harmony
Isn't it all an improbable plot
Nothing in common, but look what we've got
I wouldn't like you, if friends we were not
But you have me
Theses are my friends
You haven't changed a bit
These are my friends
Who are these people?
We are still friends like the friends
That your friends ought to be

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