Come From Away - Darkness and Trees (Reprise) Lyrics

Broadway 2017
Come From Away the Musical - Darkness and Trees (Reprise) Lyrics

GARTH (spoken)
Finally, out of the darkness, my bus arrives at
The Salvation Army camp

Kati ya giza

MUHUMUZA (spoken)
We pass through a large gate and the bus pulls
To a stop. And through the windows — out
There in the darkness — we see all these people
Coming out of the buildings

Ghafla mwangaza

GARTH (spoken)
We rarely use them, but everyone’s dusted off their
Salvation Army uniforms to welcome these people

MUHUMUZA (spoken)
There are soldiers everywhere

Pande zote sisi

MUHUMUZA (spoken)
The man at the front opens the door

GARTH (spoken)
I say, “Here you are. Out you go.” But he
Doesn’t understand. And he’s not getting off
None of them are

Giza na miti

GARTH (spoken)
But then I notice his wife — well, she’s
Clutching a bible. Now, obviously I can’t read
It, but their bible — it’ll have the same number
System ours does — so I ask to see it
And I’m searching for something and then in
Philippians 4:6. I give ‘em their bible and I’m
Pointing, saying, look! Philippians 4:6 — Be
Anxious for nothing. Be anxious for nothing

And that’s how we started speaking the same

Kati ya giza
(Out of the darkness)
Ghafla mwangaza
(Suddenly brightness)
(Everything changes)
Giza na miti
(Darkness and trees)
Kati ya giza
(Out of the darkness)
(Suddenly light)

All                                  Out of the darkness
Kati ya giza                     Suddenly brightness
Ghafla mwangaza            Everything changes
Ma-badiliko                     Darkness and trees
Giza na miti                     Out of the darkness
Kati ya giza                     Suddenly light

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