The Crown Jewels - Praise Him Lyrics

2023 West End
The Crown Jewels - Praise Him Lyrics

The song was written by Simon Nye.

Since the year 1066,
There has been quite a long succession,
Of 22 kings and a couple of queens,
All in line for their accession.
Our last King Charles,
With nine kids in all,
Was spectacularly fecund.
Just yesterday his eldest surviving
And some would say shapeliest
Son was crowned
King Charles the second.

Praise him, praise him,
Praise him.
No other King could be his equal,
Brace yourselves for
"Charles - the sequel"
Praise him, praise him.

When he whispers words divine,
His tongue is sweeter
Еhan the sweetest wine
Body of an athlete,
Hair like a God,
Muscles I could prod and prod.
Taller than I first expected,
Six foot two when fully erected.
Love him, hug him, squeeze him.
A monarch to unite the nation.
Glory to his Restoration.
Praise him, praise him.

As a lover: gentle, kind.
As a boss he speaks his mind.
Quick to finish, long to reign,
I go weak if he remembers my name
Swearing to serve and not encumber,
Kingly even in his slumber.
Love him, love him, love him.

He's the best, I daren't dissemble.
With one look he can make me tremble.
Stir him.
Swive him.
Praise him, praise him.

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