Dogfight the musical - Some Kinda Time Lyrics

Off-Broadway Musical
Dogfight the musical - Some Kinda Time Dogfight Lyrics

You better call the cops and give ‘em warning
Sound the siren, bang the bell
A main marine rolls in this morning
On his way to raise some hell
No sweepin’ us out, or keeping us quiet
Try it!

Through the Golden Gate, across the water
See us comin’ hit the dirt
Lock your door and hide your daughter,
Wouldn’t want her gettin’ hurt
Going all in,
Throwing a dogfight, big night
The party’s on, we’ve got till dawn
We’ll be having some kind of time

Some kinda time,
Livin’ it large
Makin’ noise because the boys are now in charge
Some kinda time
Cut all our strings, we’ll be kings for an evening
Gonna be having some kinda time.

I hear you guys are sponsoring a little get together, the dogfight.
I want in.
You know the rules?
The Marine with the ugliest date wins the pot.
You got the 50 bucks?
Sure do.
Looks like an outstanding candidate to me

We’re gonna run the streets and find some trouble,
One last night we don’t forget
Drink so deep we’re seeing double,
One last night with no regret
Anything goes, sloppy and boozin'

A band of brothers you’ve been given,
Pride you never thought you’d feel
The shitty life that you were living
Barely seems like it was real
Cause when it gets rough,
Your buddies will pull you
Right through
You get that and more when you join the corps
You’re in store for some kinda time
Some kinda time
Don’t think it through
Cause your gut will tell you what you’ve got to do
Some kinda time
Cut all our strings,
We’ll be kings for an evening
Don’t cha miss out on some kinda time

Goodbye to chili fries, to apple pies and Dinah Shore
So long to waffle cones, new Twilight Zones and Lesley Gore
Farewell to Chevrolets, to Willie Mays, the corner store
Hats off to you, red white and blue
So raise your cup and live it up.
And live it up (repeated)
A wild ride on my last night stateside

The whole damn world is ours to borrow
Nothing standing in our way
The whole damn world might change tomorrow
So we go for broke today
Makin it count, taking that one shot
We’ve got
You just don’t know where the night might go
Here’s to JFK and the USA
Some kinda time

Drink what we own
With a wam bam, thank you, ma’am
Your boys are grown
Some kinda time
Cut all our strings
We are kings for an evening
What do you say to some kinda time?

No, don’t mind a...
Gotta go find a...
Leave it behind a...

Gonna be having some kinda time

[Thanks to Hannah Lundberg for lyrics]
[Thanks to Montana for corrections]

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Dogfight musical Some Kinda Time Lyrics

Dogfight the Musical Lyrics

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