Follies the Musical - Don't Look At Me Lyrics

2019 London revival
Follies the Musical - Don't Look At Me Lyrics

"Don't Look At Me" was written by Stephen Sondheim, performed by Joanna Riding (Sally), Alexander Hanson (Ben).

Ben, it's me.
Now, folks, we bring you
Di-rect from Phoenix,
Live and in person.
Sally Durant!
Here she is at last,
Twinkle in her eye,
Hot off the press.
Strictly a mess,
(smiling nervously)
Hi, Ben...
(before he can respond)
No, don't look at me-
Please, not just yet.
Why am I here? This it crazy!
No, don't look at me-
I know that face.
You're trying to place
The name...
Say something, Ben, anything.
No, don't talk to me.
Ben, I forget;
What were we like? It's so hazy!
Look at these people.
Aren't they eerie?
Look at this party.
Isn't it dreary?
I'm so glad I came.

Can I look now? (She nods, smiling nervously) Yes, it's possible
You might be Sally. Did you fall asleep at Toscanini broadcasts?
(She nods.) Did you eat Baby Ruths for breakfast?

I still do sometimes. Oh, Ben, you're just the way
I knew you'd be. You make me feel like I was nineteen
and the four of us were going on the town.

I just look at us...

Turning gray...

Still playing games,
Acting crazy.

Isn't it awful?

God. how depressing-

Me, I'm a hundred.
You, you're a blessing-
I'm so glad I came!

What we need is a drink.

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Don't Look At Me Lyrics from Follies the Musical

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