Irene Sankoff and David Hein Lyrics

Irene Sankoff and David Hein, the husband and wife duo who put Canada on the world’s stage with Tony award-winning musical Come From Away, are releasing a new original song in partnership with Destination Canada. This is Canada Nice is a song of Canadian pride brought to life with animated visuals by Halifax-based animation studio Wonderlust.

Irene Sankoff and David Hein
This is Canada NICE Song with Lyrics

NICE is not one place or thing,
It's a mosaic, a global village,
A pickup game,
We pass the puck to be NICE
NICE is for a moment,
Putting down your dystopian novel,
In a Muskoka chair,
Opening your eyes
Knowing this world can be NICE
NICE is celebrating traditions,
And welcoming newcomers
In over two hundred languages
I say "NICE", you say NICE is French,
From coast to coast,
Goin from joual to chiac,
Ah winter is so beautiful,
But hang tight to your toque cause it's real cold!

NICE tastes like beavertails,
Ketchup chips and Nanaimo bars,
With every local bakery
Debating if raisins make butter tarts.

NICE is prizing science,
The environment, inventions,
Innovations like insulin,
Pacemakers... and basketball!

NICE is honouring our elders,
Educating for the future,
Acknowledging this land,
Respecting those
Who've always been here.

NICE is the pride in our parades,
The happiness in our villages,
To dream about the cup,
And taste the maple syrup.

NICE as the Rock
And the Rockies,
Wide as the prairie sky,
As high as Niagara falls
Hey dude, check out OUR side!

NICE is celebrating Viola Desmond,
And Klondike Kate, Emily Stowe,
Rita Joe, and all the women
Who made this great place NICE.

NICE is an Alberta steak.

Poutine after going to the bars.

Dim sun with family.

Arctic char.

Kissing the cod au gratin.

NICE is a secret code
We've trained the world
To call us, so they visit
Other places, because Canada!?

Nah, it's just NICE.

NICE is we the North,
We the champs,
We the red and the white,
We see thee rise,
Not just nice,


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