Lysistrata Jones - PLOT SYNOPSIS

2011 Broadway
Lysistrata Jones the Musical - PLOT SYNOPSIS

The plot of the musical closely parallels the plot of the ancient Greek play Lysistrata, with some artistic liberties to bring the story in to the 21st century. In the original play, Lysistrata leads the women of Athens to stop having sex with their husbands and lovers until the long-lasting Peloponnesian War is finally ended. In the musical, the men's basketball team at fictional Athens University has lost every game for the last 30 years when a cheerleader named Lysistrata "Lyssie J." Jones transfers to the school. Lyssie J. inspires the girls at the school to stop having sex with the team members until they finally win a game.

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Right Now
Change the World
You Go Your Way
Where Am I Now?
Writing on the Wall
Hold On
When She Smiles