Music in the Air the Musical Songs Lyrics

Music in the Air is a musical written by Oscar Hammerstein II (lyrics and book) and Jerome Kern (music).


The musical takes place in Bavaria during the 1930s but some contemporary productions have modified it to present day.

In the simple mountain town of Edendorff in Bavaria, music teacher Dr. Walther Lessing has a beautiful daughter Sieglinde. She is in love with Karl Reder, the local schoolmaster. Karl and Sieglinde travel to the sophisticated city of Munich and try to get a song written by Walther and Karl published. Karl becomes enamored of glamorous operetta diva Frieda Hatzfeld while Sieglinde is smitten by Bruno Mahler, an operetta librettist with whom Frieda lives. Mahler wants Sieglinde to appear in his new work "Tingle-Tangle". Frieda moves out of Mahler's apartment and moves to an hotel where she can see Karl on a regular basis.

Bruno takes Sieglinde to the Munich zoo where Sieglinde is warned by Cornelius, a bird-seller, that as she and Karl are country people, it is not wise to stay in the big city. Sieglinde spurns an unwanted pass from Bruno while Frieda finds Karl equally unresponsive. Frieda plans to leave for Berlin to star in a new film. Before she leaves, she warns Karl that Bruno will cast Sieglinde aside as soon as he has used her. It is up to Karl to tell the producer of the show that Frieda has left. Bruno insists, to Karl's chagrin, that Sieglinde can take over the leading role in the operetta. Resulting from machinations of her father, and a somewhat chaotic dress rehearsal it becomes evident that Sieglinde is far too inexperienced to take on a leading role. As a result, Bruno's affections vanish. Walther and Sieglinde are told in no uncertain terms that the theatre is no place for amateurs and they should return to their home, and they do.

Frieda meanwhile has returned to take up the leading role and is an overwhelming success. Karl returns to Edendorff and to Sieglinde, both having learned a valuable lesson.

1932 Broadway
Music in the Air the Musical Songs with Lyrics

Act I

1. Melodies of May
2. I've Told Every Little Star
3. Prayer
4. There's a Hill Beyond a Hill
5. I'm Coming Home
6. And Love Was Born
7. I'm Alone
8. I Am So Eager
9. Finaletto

Act II

1. One More Dance
2. Night Flies By
3. I've Told Every Little Star (reprise)
4. I'm Alone (reprise)
5. When the Spring Is in the Air
6. In Egern on the Tegern See
7. The Song Is You
8. I'm Alone (reprise)
9. The Song Is You (reprise)
10. We Belong Together

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