Make a Wish - Over and Over Lyrics

1951 Broadway
Make a Wish the Musical - Over and Over Lyrics

The song is written by Hugh Martin.

You were handsome and strong and tall
And your smile is so gay.
But it wasn't your looks at all,
That made me fall this way.

It's a something I can't describe,
It's an I don't know what.
I tried and tried
But can't decide
What it is you've got.

Over and over I ask myself:
What is this magic you brew?
With the sea so full of fish:
Why should I wish for you?

Over and over I ask myself:
When I'll discover a clue?
With the forest full of trees
All my heart sees is you.

Only you, only you,
Only you can make me glow.
You're the one, you're the one,
So I'm darned if I know why it's so.

Cause it's not really your obvious charmes,
That make me warm through and through.

When I'm near you, I feel numb
And I'm sure my time has come.
But I guess I'm kind of dumb.

Cause over and over I try
But can't seem to figure out why.

Just why I love you,
Well, anyway, I do!

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