Oh, Kay! - The Woman's Touch Lyrics

1957 Broadway
Oh, Kay! the Musical - The Woman's Touch Lyrics

The song is written by George Gershwin and Ira Gershwin.

Oh, my goodness! What a mess this place is!
Dust upon our faces!
It needs a woman's touch.
Oh! The atmosphere is sad and ghostly.
What is needed mostly
Is the woman's touch.

What a sight this room is!
Show me where the broom is!
Find a can of Gold Dust
And we'll chase the old dust.
Plain to see it needs the woman's touch.
Jimmy's coming, so we want to clean up,
Brighten all the scene up
With the woman's touch.
Color, charm, and such
Need the woman's touch.

Whoop it up! Tonight is the night!
For dear old Jimmy's coming home!
Jimmy's coming home!

We must get
Everything all set
For tonight, there's a party!

Shout "Hey! hey!"
Throw your cares away -
For tonight there's a party!
But work must be done
By everyone -
Clear the floor!
For Jimmy's a pal
That every girl
Must adore!
And so we'll get
Everything all set
By the time that Jim gets home.

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