She Loves Me - Mr. Novack, Will You Please? Lyrics

2016 Broadway revival
She Loves Me the Musical - Mr. Novack, Will You Please? Lyrics

"Mr. Novack, Will You Please?" is a song from Broadway musical SHE LOVES ME performed by Laura Benanti (Amalia) and Waiter. The song is written by Sheldon Harnick and Jerry Bock.

At the count of five I’ll scream,
So you’d better go, and soon!
(Georg: I just want to talk to you.)

Don’t forget I’ve had some wine,
And nothing to eat since noon.
(Georg: Miss Balash, are you intoxicated?)

Dante once described all the depths of Hell —
If I have my way you will know them well.
(Georg: Miss Balash…)

You are easily the most insensitive man alive.
(Georg: I’m surprised at you!)
I’m sorry, but I’m fighting for my life.
Four and half.
Will you go? Then —

Are you trying to ruin me, lady, I warn you, get out!
That’s all, get out!
(Georg: Wait a minute…)
You, too, get out!
(Amalia: You don’t understand…)
Screaming like lunatics — that’s all, get out!
(Georg: How dare you speak to a lady that way?)
(spoken loudly) Ladies don’t scream in cafes!

[Thanks to Kathy for lyrics]

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