Sunset Boulevard - The Phone Call Lyrics

Broadway revival 2017
Sunset Boulevard the Musical - The Phone Call Lyrics

"The Phone Call" is a song from Sunset Boulevard the musical performed by Glenn Close (Norma).

NORMA (spoken, on the phone)
Hello, is this Gladstone 9281? Miss Schaefer?...
Hello, Miss Schaefer, you must forgive me for calling so late,
But I really feel it's my duty.
It's about Mr. do know a Mr. Gillis?
Well, exactly how much do you know about him?
Do you know where he lives? Do you know what he lives on?

I want to spare you a lot of sadness
I don't know what he's told you
But I can guarantee you
He doesn't live with mother
Or what you'd call a roommate
He's just a ... I can't say it
Poor Betty
You ask him
I'd love to hear his answer...

JOE (spoken, on the phone)
That's right, Betty, why don't you ask me?...

NORMA (spoken)

JOE (spoken, on the phone)
...Or better yet, come over and see for yourself. Yes, right now.
The address is ten thousand eighty-six, Sunset Boulevard.

NORMA (spoken)
Don't hate me, Joe. I did it because I need you.
Look at me. Look at my hands.
Look at my face. Look under my eyes.
How can I go back to work if I'm wasting away?
No! Don't stand there hating me, Joe.
Shout at me, strike me, but say you don't hate me...

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The Phone Call Song Lyrics from Sunset Boulevard the Musical