Sunset Boulevard - Who's Betty Schaefer? Lyrics

Broadway revival 2017
Sunset Boulevard the Musical - Who's Betty Schaefer? Lyrics

"Who's Betty Schaefer?" is a song from Sunset Boulevard the musical performed by Glenn Close (Norma) and Michael Xavier (Joe).

NORMA (spoken)
Is this what you're looking for, by any chance?

Why, yes.

NORMA (spoken)
Whose phone number is this?
I've been worried about the line of my throat.
I think this woman has done wonders with it.

JOE (spoken)

NORMA (spoken)
And I've lost half a pound since Tuesday.

JOE (spoken)
Very good.

NORMA (spoken)
Now it's after nine. I'd better get to bed.

JOE (spoken)
You had.

NORMA (spoken)
Are you coming up?

JOE (spoken)
I think I'll read a while longer.

NORMA (spoken)
You went out last night, didn't you, Joe?

JOE (spoken)
I went for a walk.

NORMA (spoken)
You took the car.

JOE (spoken)
I drove to the beach.

NORMA (spoken)
Who's Betty Schaefer?

JOE (spoken)
Surely, you don't want me to feel as if I'm a prisoner in this house?

NORMA (spoken)
You don't understand, Joe. I'm under such a terrible strain.
It's been so hard I even got myself a revolver.
The only thing that stopped me from killing myself was the
thought of all those people, waiting to see me back on the screen.
How could I disappoint them? All I ask is a little patience, a little understanding.

JOE (spoken)
Norma, there's nothing to worry about. I haven't done anything.

NORMA (spoken)
Of course you haven't. Good night, my darling.

I should have stayed there
Poor Norma
So desperate to be ready
For what would never happen
But Betty would be waiting
We had a script to finish
One unexpected love scene
Two people, both risking
A kind of happy ending

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Who's Betty Schaefer? Song Lyrics from Sunset Boulevard the Musical