VIOLET - Look At Me Lyrics

Broadway 2014
Violet the Musical - Look At Me Lyrics

Violet (Sung):
Look at me
No one will look at me
No one will dare to spend the time it takes to
Look at me
To really look at me
What did I do to make you angry at me?

My God
This is so hard

Look at me
Look at me
Can you imagine what it's like when people
Look at me
Look at me
Is this the tender mercy that you're known for?

My God
Don't be so hard

Give me the wings of an angel
Don't pull back
Don't shudder
Look elsewhere
Lose interest
I'm almost there

This is where the preacher stands
Two kinds of people in this world
All I have are promises
To raise me up and set me free

I'd like a pair of Gene Tierney eyes
And Ava Gardner's eyebrows
And anybody's cheekbones
A different mouth
Beneath the new
And better nose
And please, the eyes

But God, give me something!
Something of my own
Something mine
So I won't be ashamed when I find a man

To look at me
Why won't you look at me
It was an accident,
Or was it really?

Young Violet (Spoken):
Look at me!

Violet (Sung):
Goddammit, look at me

Violet and Young Violet:
This is your handiwork
The gift you gave me

Father (Spoken):
So what? Once I look at you then what?
Here I am lookin' at you, satisfied?

Young Violet:
You act like it's my fault.

Sung:                           Spoken at the same time:
Violet:                         Father:
Don't pull back                  I'm not the one who up and decides one day the woodshed
Don't shudder                    is the place to play
look elsewhere
lose interest                   Young Violet:
Act distant                      I'm not the one who doesn't check to see if his blade is loose!
You better                      Father:
Be careful                     It wasn't loose, damn you. The shim came out. Nobody checks
Cause I won't                    the shim every time he uses his axe
Accept this
Not this time                   Young Violet:
I'm almost there                 I bet you check it now

God, I just want you to apologize

[Thanks to Ruthie Vinson for lyrics]

Look At Me lyrics Violet the musical

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