VIOLET - Hard To Say Goodbye Lyrics

Broadway 2014
Violet the Musical - Hard To Say Goodbye Lyrics

Don't worry, Don't sweat it
Go do something wrong then move along,
cause it won't weigh on your mind.
If you don't let it, it isn't hard to say
I'm so sorry, I meant better
Hell its nothing new, you put me through,
take the time out to (juice wine?)
In your first letter, it isn't hard to say goodbye.

Monty's not the point, isn't now, never was
Your head does not know what you need, your heart does.

Dont worry, dont sweat it
Dont know what he said climbing in your bed,
but it took him all the way
But you dont get it, cause anyone can say
I'm so lonely, i want someone
Damn it yous the kind, you always find
Doing slmething to catch someones eye
Who's the real dumb one, it isn't hard to say goodbye.

(At the same time)
You know what really bothers you,
Monty had the nerve to do what you were only dreaming of.
Monty's just a boy(friend?)
I know that, but I don't regret it.
I did something that i'll remember forever.

Monty's not the point, isnt now never was.
But you cant ever find your way.
If your heart doesnt lead, you dont know what you need.
Your heart does.

Two kinds of people in this world, some say yes and some say no.
I'm only learning to say yes I'm bound to make mistakes.
But i'm bound to try, I know you think Im no good (shakes?)
But theres more to me that meets the eye
If i were smart, i'd go back home but I dont give a damn.
And ill tell you why.
I'm miles and miles from who I am,
for once I'm not afraid or shy.
Im gonna miss you Flick, alot,
I wish you felt the same as I

Violet the Musical Hard To Say Goodbye Lyrics

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