VIOLET - All To Pieces Lyrics

Broadway 2014
Violet the Musical - All To Pieces Lyrics

I want a pair of Jean Tierney eyes
Try Monte's mouth on for size
A little fuller, though
A mouth so soft there's no end of romance

What's a mouth got to do with romance?

You gotta ask, you'll never know

I've been with more than you, my friend

But none of yours want seconds, though.
Mine all come back for more

Boys, boys, boys
When I'm in line for my miracle
And the preacher is all set to go
I know just what I'll ask for
But I'm not telling you at least 'til you stop squabblin'
and pretend you're actually listenin'

Pretty please, Violet, with sugar on top?

If I had Gypsy hair
And a face to match it
No traces anywhere
Of a wayward hatchet
I could be Citrise
Shootin' on location
In some far off and tiny nation

Oh, with lips like those
I'd look almost shameless
Oh, and add the nose
Now I'm pure and blameless
If Citrise is in it
That's how it goes

I'd love her all
I'd love her all
I'd love her all to pieces

I'd love her all
I'd love her all
I'd love her all to pieces

If I looked in the know
With a hint of mystery
Like a Bargitte Bardeaux
With a darker histry
If I threw you a glance
And I let it linger
I could wrap you around my finger

Oh, what a Bardeaux
Why should she be stingy?
Oh, throw in her toes
Mine are just too dingy
I'd give the preacher my mountain for those

I'd love her all
I'd love her all
I'd love her all to pieces

I'd love her all
I'd love her all
I'd love her all to pieces

I could be a leading lady
Present tense and background shady
Take an hour or two to go from
Down at heel to tippytoe from
No big deal
To the star of a picture show

You should ask that preacher for some Ursula Andress legs

No, I think my legs are fine

No, but rising outta the ocean in that whith Dr. No bikini

What's a matter wit my legs

Well, nothing. They're long

Well why did you bring them up at all?

What you need is some Ursula Andress... there.

I can't believe you just said that!

Not that it matters to me,
but you said a leading lady is what you wanna be

How else you gonna go
light up a picture show

Gimme just a minute though
To pillage my portfolio
Borrow Elke summer's hair
With Judy Garland's pretty chin
With Grace Kelly's little nose
With Rita Hayworth's skin
But Ava Gardner for the eyebrows
Bergman cheekbones under Gypsy eyes

I could shine like a moonbeam
On the silk of a ballgown
I could be someone lovely
Turning heads on her first night
In town
In town

All I need is someone to wonder, how is he?
To ask how to meet me
To love me all to pieces

[Thanks to alyssabiederman for lyrics]

Violet the Musical All To Pieces Lyrics

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All To Pieces Lyrics Violet musical