VIOLET - Question & Answer Lyrics

Broadway 2014
Violet the Musical - Question & Answer Lyrics

Someone sure has had some troubles;
A girl on a mountain alone
Nothing but her chores to do
No one near worth talkin' to
Feeling sorry for herself for being on her own

You have all of the answers
To the stupidest questions
But the truth is never so pat –
Try and wrap your mind around that

Someone sure has had it easy;
A boy in the skin of a man
Thinks he's born a gift to women
Thinks he's irresistible
Thinks what no one else has managed, he's the one who can –

I got news for you, sweetie pie
I'm the one who can see you're lying –
Better hope there's a doctor by
When I reach for the pain you're trying to hide –

You think you know the answers
But you don't know the questions
Bet the truth would knock your ass flat –
Try and wrap your mind around that

Things get pretty wicked out there
Tulsa jes' ain't like your farm
Best be careful now, ya hear?

Ugly, everywhere you look
What you ought to cultivate's a healthy dose of fear

And don't count on your TV padre for nothin'.
Things are mean and ugly in this world – I mean act ugly, do ugly, be ugly. Flick'll tell you

VIOLET: (spoken)
Act ugly, do ugly, be ugly. That could only be the motto of a pretty boy

MONTY: (spoken)
You think you're funny, don't you?

Violet the musical Question & Answer Lyrics

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