VIOLET - Promise Me, Violet (Reprise) Lyrics

Broadway 2014
Violet the Musical - Promise Me, Violet (Reprise) Lyrics

FLICK: (spoken)
Violet – maybe you still feel a hundred miles from who you are

VIOLET: (spoken)
I've got to get back on the bus

Don't pull back –
Don't shudder

FLICK: (spoken)
But I know who you are.
And I know where you belong, too

Look elsewhere

VIOLET: (spoken)
All alone on the side of some goddamn mountain

Give me the wings
Of an angel

FLICK: (spoken)
No, Violet. You belong with me.
I wish you could'a seen the way you looked
when you first stepped off'a that bus.

I wanted a pair of Gene Tierney eyes
And Ava Gardner's eyebrows
Or even just the cheekbones
But nothing's changed
It's too late now
I'm going home –

God, can't you leave me!
I'm sorry
I can't stay with you

FLICK: (spoken)
But Violet, you can

I know you feel like nothing's changed
But look at you, you're different
You're not the girl you were
When you began

And look at me
'Cause when you look at me
You see the man
I've always wanted to be

Look at me
Sweet Jesus, look at me
When you do I'll find
The words to tell you
How I love you

I've been waiting, for a lifetime
And now you're so near
I'm gonna wait here
Until the wait is through

Promise me, Violet –

How can I promise?

Like I promised you

Careful now, Grady
You better mean this

All I want is you

I've been waiting –
Afraid to lose –
How will I know you'll never leave?
But maybe you're the one I've waited for

I've been waiting –
Scared to lose you –
Scared my plan would fall through –
I've been waiting, for a lifetime

The first one to simply
See me
The way that I see you

For someone simply
To look and see me

Mama, why's a man have eyes?
If I tell you, don't you tell –

VIOLET: (spoken)
Flick. What do you see when you look at me?

Mama, why's a man have hands?
If I tell you, don't you tell –
Go ask your beau, he understands
There's honey in the bushes, Lord
And water in the well

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