Yank! - You You Lyrics

Off-Broadway production (2005)
Yank the musical - You, You Lyrics

This isn’t about him, Stubie.
How much I gotta say to get through?
I had a man die in my arms, a guy I know die in my arms
And all I could think of was you

How happy I was that it wasn’t you
You, who I tried to forget
Who I wanted to hate
Why were you still there in my mind?
Some kid I met so many months ago

Your face, the jokes you made, the stupid things
I tried to shut them out,
I cursed your name,
But still in my heart was you

It must mean that somehow I’m tied to you
Why, ‘cause it doesn’t make sense,
And I don’t understand, but
The day I felt this feeling
It ached so strong I just knew
My heart had been lost to you

Maybe it’s the moon or the waves, or the stars,
Or maybe I’m drunk, and I’m scared,
But that night on the train,
I fucked up, I fucked up,
I know you don’t get to chances,
But somehow I did this time,
This time, can I

Promise you’ll stay, promise you’ll try,
Tonight there’s no war,
Just the sky, and the waves,
And you, you

[Thanks to Finn for lyrics]

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You You lyrics from Yank the musical