Yank! - Rememb'ring You Lyrics

Off-Broadway production (2005)
Yank! the musical - Rememb'ring You Lyrics

I was not like other guys
Early to bed, early to rise
I was a man about town
Dancing till dawn came creeping
Now my dancing shoes instead
Are safe at home beneath my bed
And I just pace the bedroom floor
It's one, it's two
It's three, it's four...

I can't seem to fall asleep, my darling
I keep rememb'ring you
Even as I'm counting sheep, my darling
I keep rememb'ring you
Through the day, I may keep moving
Searching high and low
For someone new
But I'm afraid I'm in too deep
No matter what I do
I keep rememb'ring you

A journal, over 70 years old,
and I found it... or it found me.
I stayed up all night looking on eBay for Yank magazines
that might have his byline.

Still awake...
And still rememb'ring you

God, this song, rattling in my head...

Five o'clock, six o'clock
I get up, I make coffee ? make do
All day long I'm always tired
Hoping please tonight
I'll catch a few
But then...
'Neath starlight's silver beams
When you should fill my dreams
I'm up rememb'ring you

[Thanks to John for lyrics]
[Thanks to Finn for corrections]

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Rememb'ring You lyrics from Yank the musical