Yank! - Light on Your Feet Lyrics

Off-Broadway production (2005)
Yank the musical - Light on Your Feet Lyrics

You were seen by someone enlisted;
I know you feel doomed but he isn't brass, 'sides,
you pass and so your innocence will be presumed.
Keep your heads on and relax and if someone attacks:
First, you laugh it off - always staying calm - then,
diffuse their accusations with complete applaud.
Never beat a fast retreat. 
Learn to parry back - stay light on your feet -
Tell 'em "what the hell?" tell 'em "take a hike!"
let 'em think it's out of boredom - not a thing you like. 
Blushing like a sugar beet makes
them think the case against ya's complete. 
Army can't indict a fella light on his feet.

[spoken] Here, take a look at this: Stu's journal.

"What's so important in that?"

*laughs* [sung]
Tales of the South Pacific that give you a clue of how Stu
and me made it through lots of rough times.
April 23, on a base in Guam:
I was spied beneath a bunk bed with a cook named Tom. 
[spoken] Oh, well hello there,
Tom [sung] Said he spilled his drink and slipped;
found a way to reconfigure the script.
August 17: Me and ensign drew...
Said that he was kneeling praying which was almost true.
First of June, an airmen's club:
Flyer said his muscles needed a rub... scene was quite a fright;
we left that night still light on our feet -stay light on your feet.
With some acrobatic thinking you can make it through -
A bit of disguise, a little deceit...
They've got the war to worry about,
They want you to give 'em an out.
So, make a leap,
Take a chance and you can dance through this mans army.

[Thanks to Brendan for lyrics]

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