2007 Broadway
Young Frankenstein the Musical - Finale Lyrics

Deep Love at last she's found deep love
been searching for deep love for all of her life
Hard love a time and like hard live
so love will you be my wife

Deep Love at last they've found deep love
and now they will keep love
for ever inside

Someone, I'm beggin ya someone
I'm saying there's someone out there for me

Frau (spoken)
Excuse me, doctor, creature, everyone,
I must go, I have a blind date

Igor (spoken)
Its a miracle, my hump, its gone

Crowd (spoken)

Igor (spoken)
Oh, Wait, its in the middle now

Dracula (spoken)
Excuse me, I was hoping to relocate to the Transylvania area.
I was hoping to purchase that castle on the hill there

Frederick (spoken)
oh that castle isn't for sale

Dracula (spoken)

(spoken) Because
(sung) I'm going to join the family business
learn the family trade
make another monster
make the world afraid

we will take a hay ride when we're on our honeymoon
we'll make the son of Frankenstein
the sequels coming soon

Inga (spoken)
So if the monster got half of your brain
what did he ever give you in return


Inga (spoken)

Welcome to Transylvania
Where blessings fall from up above
and even monsters fall in love
the moon will always shine
on Young Frankenstein

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