Back to the Future - 21st Century Lyrics

2021 West End
Back to the Future the Musical - 21st Century Lyrics

No more hunger, no more pain;
They're things of the past
Peace and love is all we'll ever know
With no more work or money we'll be happy at last
The sun will follow everywhere we go

There's no more crime in the future
Just summertime in the future
We're out of time 'cause the future's now...

I got myself a time machine

Imagine what we'll see
In the 21st century!

Flying cars and strange machines will fill up the sky
Trips to Mars will happen everyday
Exercising while you're sleeping; give it a try
Watch TV while inches fall away

There's no more flair in the future
You'll have great hair in the future
Time to prepare 'cause the future's now...

I like the way this baby feels
I can't wait to be
In the 21st Century!
So many things I need to share
I get to prove them everywhere
In the 21st century!

The new world will be shiny and bright
It will be a delight
Everything bakelite
And since we've given up cash
No more markets will crash
And we'll vaporize trash
Just imagine playing all day
And with double the pay;
Wouldn't that be okay?
It's like the new kingdom come
It's like the new kingdom!
And it's nothin' but fun
A new millenium!

He's got star power
I got myself a time machine
Meteor shower
Imagine what we'll see
And VT tower
In the 21st century!
Just think of what we're gonna find!
Here, let's fine tune it
A world that's gonna blow your mind!
Put his mind to it
Imagine what will be
And as time prove it
In the 21st century!

I got myself a time machine;
It's a miracle
I need to keep it really clean!
Beyond this galaxy
It's a miracle
In the 21st century!
I really dig this stainless steel
Hear it far and wide
It feels so good behind the wheel!
Hear this story light
I can't wait to be
In the coolest night
In the 21st century!
I can't wait to be...
In the 21st century!

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21st Century lyrics Back to the Future the Musical

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