Cry-Baby - Thanks for the Nifty Country! Lyrics

Song from musical "Cry-Baby" is written by David Javerbaum and Adam Schlesinger
Cry-Baby the Musical - Thanks for the Nifty Country! Lyrics

Wiffles! Forward! Sing!

We've got a message for the founders
This Independence Day
Thanks for the nifty country!
Because if it were not for you
We'd be just the S of A
So, thanks for the nifty country

You took a noble stance
You bravely stood your ground
Yes, when it came to founding
You sure knew how to found
'Cause we grew into the best-est global superpower around
So thanks for the nifty country

Thanks for the dandy declaration
That finally set us free
From a king so cruel and evil
He raised the price of tea
It took a lot of courage
To fight the mighty British
But Washington you weren't even skittish

Thanks for our cuddly Constitution
That's ever so complex
Full of bouncy little balances
And cheeky little checks
Its got lots of swell amendments
That guarantee our freedom
It's nice to know they're there in case we need 'em

We the peppy do ordain and establish
this theme park as Star-Spangled Fun Land

So everybody join us
On this July the Fourth
And say thanks for the nifty country
From the good folks in the South
To their conquerors the North
We say thanks for the nifty country

And wouldn't it be swell
If we grew up some day
To give the gift of freedom to a people far away
They'd shower us with flowers
Bring us unicorns and say (Hey!)
Thanks for the nifty country


[Thanks to Kaylie Moffat for lyrics]

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Thanks for the Nifty Country! Lyrics Cry Baby musical

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