Emojiland the Musical Songs Lyrics

Emojiland is an electric ensemble piece about a diverse community of archetypes who take one another at face value: a smiling face dealing with depression a princess who doesn't want a prince a skull dying for deletion a nerd face too smart for his own good a face with sunglasses who can't see past his own reflection and a police officer and construction worker who just want to work together. When a software update threatens to destroy life as they know it, Emojiland faces the most fundamental questions a society - and a heart - can face: Who are we? And who matters? The critically acclaimed musical written by Keith Harrison and Laura Schein.

2020 Off-Broadway
Emojiland the Musical Songs with Lyrics

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1 Emojiland - CAST
2 Emojiland - It's Just so Great to Be Alive Lyrics
3 Emojiland - Sad on the Inside Lyrics
4 Emojiland - Princess Is a Bitch Lyrics
5 Emojiland - The Progress Bar Lyrics
6 Emojiland - Zeros & Ones Lyrics
7 Emojiland - Cross My Bones Lyrics
8 Emojiland - New Crown in Town Lyrics
9 Emojiland - Work Together Lyrics
10 Emojiland - Stand For Lyrics
11 Emojiland - Thank Me Now Lyrics
12 Emojiland - Firewall Ball Lyrics
13 Emojiland - Pile of Poo Lyrics
14 Emojiland - Virus Lyrics
15 Emojiland - A Thousand More Words Lyrics
16 Emojiland - Anyway Lyrics
17 Emojiland - Start Again Lyrics
18 Emojiland - It's Just so Great to Be Alive (Reprise) Lyrics