Good Morning Baltimore (Reprise) Lyrics - Hairspray LIVE!

Song from NBC's Hairspray LIVE! (2016)
Hairspray LIVE! - Good Morning Baltimore (Reprise) Lyrics

"Good Morning Baltimore (Reprise)" is a song from Hairspray LIVE! performed by Maddie Baillio (Tracy).

Oh, oh, oh
I'm all alone
My heart has grown
But it's broken, too

This morning
Life was a Baltimore fairy tale
Now I can't make bail!

My mother's in shock
My father's in hock
I much prefer link's arms
To jailhouse cells

So link, please rescue me now
'Cause I love you
And this prison smells.
Link, hear the bells!

And get ready, Baltimore
There's a bright, brand-new day in store
Let me out so this dream's unfurled
I'll eat some breakfast,
Then change the world!
And I promise Baltimore
Once I cha-cha right out of that door
The world's gonna wake up and see
Link's in love with me!

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Good Morning Baltimore Reprise song lyrics from Hairspray LIVE!