King and I - Garden Rendezvous Lyrics

Broadway revival (2015)
King and I the Musical - Garden Rendezvous Lyrics

Lun Tha
I am Lun Tha.
You are Misses Anna, the school teacher?

Yes, but you shouldn't be here...

Lun Tha
I must meet with Tuptim again, please.

You have being seen her here?

Lun Tha
Twice we've met.
But each time it becomes more difficult.
She have said you are her friend who could help us.

Oh no, I couldn't. It's much too dangerous!
Not for me, but for Tuptim and you.

Lun Tha
Please, Misses Anna...

I'm sorry, Lun Tha, but there is nothing I can do.

Lun Tha
Wait there.

Lun Tha

Oh, Lun Tha!

Lun Tha
Seeing you this way is not enough.

There is nothing we can do.
I am watched too closely.

Lun Tha
Must we go on forever hiding a love like this?

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