Love Never Dies - Phantom Confronts Christine Lyrics

A Romantic Musical
Love Never Dies the Musical - Phantom Confronts Christine Lyrics

Gustave! Gustave! Gustave it's alright-its me!

It's horrible! Horrible!

Oh, shhh.....don't be frightened!

How could think I wouldn't guess?
How could you think I wouldn't know?
Do you have something to confess?
I want the truth right now if so!

Listen, darling, I want you to go with Miss Giry back to the hotel...alright?
I have to talk to Mr. Y alone. Meg, would you mind?

Once upon another time
You left me, yet left me alone
But that's not all you did
You left me with a son

Ever since that other time
I've wished you could somehow have known
I kept the secret hid
The secret my marriage forbid
What else could I have done?

Just love...

A son...

Just live

My son...

Just give what I could give
And take what little I deserve

Forgive me!
He sees me and shuns me
As you did once
Take him now
Take him and go
Go now be free but swear one thing to me
He will never ever know

I swear it believe me
You know you have my word
And I swear this music won't
Remain unheard

This music, your music
Will live again
Once last time just as I swore

And soul to soul we will
Once more be whole

When I hear you sing

Once more...

From out of ugliness such light
From out of darkness such a flame
In him my wrongness is made right
And yet he loathes me just the same

So let him shun me in disgust
Let him flee this cursed face
If I must hide from him I must
Yet he shall be my saving grace

For Christine, my Christine
If it's true he's my reason to live
Ah Christine, then our son shall have all I can give
Ah Christine, all I create on this earth
All that I'll never be worth
All shall be his!

All shall be his...
Ten long years and he casts us aside
Ten whole years this is how we're repaid
Ten dark years of toil and tears
And now what we've worked for will go to that child

All our hopes were at last in our grasp
All the dreams and the plans that we laid
Everything is vanishing
And we get discarded, rejected, reviled
All of the bonds in between us now torn
All of the love that we gave him forsworn
All would be ours if that bastard had never been born!

Well that's half of the show! More up soon!

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