London Calling - What Love Means to Girls Like Me Lyrics

1923 West End, London
London Calling! the Musical - What Love Means to Girls Like Me Lyrics

Music and Lyrics by Noël Coward.

A little word, four letters only,
And yet it means a lot you must admit.
It seems absurd,
But when I'm lonely
I lose my sence of values just a bit.
If men are really willing,
I must say I find it thrilling
Just to listen to the charming things they say.
Though I'm not exactly fickle,
I enjoy a slap and tickle
In a quiet unassuming sort of way.

(Refrain 1:)
It isn't that I'm naughty or capricious,
It isn't that I single out my prey,
I'm sure that I've a mind
Too essentially refined
To flaunt my girlish charms in any way.
I sometimes think that Eve was very thoughtless
To wrench the fruit of knowledge from the tree,
More abstemious she'd have been,
Could she only have foreseen
What love means to girls like me.

If love is blind and people say so,
I'm certain that that statement's incorrect.
I shouldn't mind,
If he would stay so,
It's when he starts to see things I object.
To say that Cupid hates me,
And deliberately baits me,
Would really not exaggerate the case.
You could wheel away in barrows
All the bleeding blunted arrows
That from time to time he's fired in my face.

(Refrain 2:)
It isn't that I'm thoroughly degraded,
It isn't that I go from bad to worse,
It isn't that I pine
For Roses, Love and Wine,
I'm a victim of a temperamental curse.
I often try to suffocate my passion,
Though all the time I yearn to set it free,
Cleopatra at her best
Would have shuddered if she'd guessed
What love means to girls like me.

(Refrain 3:)
It isn't that I'm consciously alluring,
It isn't that I'm altogether bad.
A girl may have her dreams
Without going to extremes,
Though I shouldn't like to mention some I've had.
It isn't that I take all and give nothing,
I'm sure I'm generous-hearted as can be,
But poor Mary, Queen of Scots,
Would have tied herself in knots
For what love means to girls like me.

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