London Calling - Other Girls Lyrics

1923 West End, London
London Calling! the Musical - Other Girls Lyrics

Music and Lyrics by Noël Coward.

I've always longed to see
Myself at twenty-three
In some dramatic situation,
A slightly cruel man,
With some fair courtesan,
Serenely driving in the Bois,
Though when you're young it's nice
To dream of gilded vice
With all it's lurid fascination,
I've learnt to see beyond
The flaunting femme-du-monde
And hitch my wagon to a star.

(Rafrain 1:)
She hasn't rings and sables and things,
Like other girls I know,
She hasn't stockings,
Openwork clockings,
Other girls would show,
Her eyes would never cause a stir,
She's such a simple character,
I don't know why,
But I'd say goodbye
To other girls for her.

When young men leave their schools,
They make a lot of rules,
They feel their destiny is calling,
They want to burn their boats
And sow the wildest oats
And lead a life of scarlet sin,
I had such smart ideas
But now around my ears
My youthful dreams are gently falling,
My plans have all gone wrong,
Since this girl came along
I've never wanted to begin.

(Refrain 2:)
She hasn't guiles and feminine wiles,
Like other girls I've seen,
She never races
Or goes to places
Other girls have been,
She has such sweet simplicity,
So full of domesticity,
I don't know why,
But I'd say goodbye
To other girls for her.

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London Calling! the Musical Lyrics

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