The Lightning Thief - The Oracle Lyrics

2017 Off-Broadway
The Lightning Thief: Percy Jackson Musical - The Oracle Lyrics

"The Oracle" is a song performed by Carrie Compere (Oracle) from The Lightning Thief: Percy Jackson Musical.

PERCY (spoken)
Is anyone up here? Hello? Just an echo. Guess no one's up here after- Whoa!

ORACLE (spoken)
Approach, child. I am the spirit of Delphi, the speaker of the prophecies of Thebes Apollo.
Approach, and face your destiny.

PERCY (spoken)
I have a destiny?

You shall go west and face the treacherous lord
(ENSEMBLE: West and face the treacherous lord)
You shall find what was stolen and see it restored
(ENSEMBLE: Safely restored)

PERCY (spoken)
What? Okay, that's great, that's-

You shall be betrayed by one who calls you friend

PERCY (spoken)
Wait, what?

And you shall fail
(ENSEMBLE Fail!)              
To save what matters most
In the end

The Lightning Thief Musical The Oracle lyrics

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The Oracle lyrics from The Lightning Thief Musical