Cherry Tree Lane (reprise) / Being Mrs. Banks / Jolly Holiday (reprise) Lyrics

2006 Broadway
Mary Poppins the Musical - Cherry Tree Lane (reprise)/ Being Mrs. Banks/ Jolly Holiday (reprise) Lyrics

What good are rules if you can bend them?
We need a nanny who is disciplined and stern
With boys and girls you don't befriend them
I fear that Mary Poppins has a lot to learn
Precision and order, A credo for life
It's always been a comfort for me (and my wife)
Yet now in our midst there's, well I can't explain
But something is unsettling in Cherry Tree Lane

Being Mrs. Banks
Should be an easy role
And yet it's one which I don't seem too good at on the whole
I have a comfy home
I have a simple life
I have a name which tells the world I'm someone else's wife.
Being Mrs. Banks
What does that entail?
Facing tests of character I always seem to fail
And as for his "best people"
They're not exactly my idea
Of being Mrs. Banks

I still feel as if I'm dreaming

So much fun in just one day

Jane & Michael:
When Mary holds your hand you feel so grand
Your heart starts beating like a big brass band

Do look! Neleus is beaming!

Let's hope she will stay

Goodnight Neleus!

Jane & Michael:
Let's hope she will stay.

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