Mary Poppins the musical - Cherry Tree Lane (Part 1) Lyrics

2006 Broadway
Mary Poppins the Musical - Cherry Tree Lane (Part 1) Lyrics

Mrs Brill:
Katie Nanna!
And who gets stuck with the children with no nanny in the house?
Me! That's who!

Katie Nanna:
I've said my say, Mrs. Brill, and that's all I'll say,
I've done with this house forever!

Mrs. Brill:
Well good riddance, then!

Katie Nanna!
Gone? Are you quite sure...

Mrs. Brill:
Gone! And is it any wonder?

Choosing the right nanny - I keep drawing blanks
Do you really think I made another blunder
What on earth am I to say to Mr. Banks?
George, dear
I'm feeling so bereft dear,
Every nanny goes
We're unlucky I suppose.

Winifred, Mrs. Brill, Jane, Michael & Robertson Ay:
We are never going to find the perfect nanny

Precision and order
That's all that I ask
The running of a household
A straightforward task
The children, the servants,
They're all your domain
Whilst I remain the sovereign of Cherry tree lane.

Mrs. Brill
Coming sir.

The simple truth is you've engaged six nannies over the last four months,
and they've all been unqualified disasters!
A nanny should govern,
A nanny should rule
A nanny is a paragon who suffers no fool
A nanny's stalwart
Our children would gain
By having such a nanny in cherry tree lane.

Of course, George, but...

So take control of situations
Show your authority when interviewing staff
You know your role, They know their stations,
Efficiency and forethought cut the jobs in half

I thought Katie Nanna would be firm with the children.
She always looked so cross.

Winifred, never confuse efficiency with a liver complaint.

Clear thinking
Sound judgment.

That's how to advance

Winifred and George:
Then things will run like clockwork.

Leave nothing to chance
When nannies go missing
The answer is plain
Our children must be monsters.

Oh how can they be monsters

Winifred and George:
in Cherry Tree Lane.


If only we could find someone like your old nanny.

I'm afraid that's not realistic, my dear.
Few women alive could manage Miss Andrew's standards of efficiency.
Besides, we could never afford someone of her caliber.

Mrs. Brill and Robertson Ay:
Precision and order
He wants nothing less

Robertson Ay:
It's like an army barracks

Mrs. Brill:
Yes and we're in the mess

Mrs. Brill and Robertson Ay:
No wonder the Nannies are driven insane
We're living in a madhouse in Cherry Tree Lane.

Now place an advertisement in the Times stating
That Jane and Michael Banks
require the best possible nanny at the lowest possible wage.

Father, we've written our own advertisement.


Please, George. I think we should hear it.

Wanted. A nanny. For two adorable children.

Adorable? Well, that's debatable, I must say.

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Cherry Tree Lane (Part 1) lyrics from Mary Poppins the musical

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