Matilda the Musical - Telly Lyrics

2013 Broadway
Matilda the Musical - Telly Lyrics

(Performs - Mr Wormwood, Michael, Company)

Somewhere on a show I heard
That a picture tells a thousand words,
So telly, if you bothered to take a look,
Is the equivalent, of like, lots of books!

[Chorus 1:]
All I know I learned from telly,
This big beautiful box of facts.
If you know a thing already,
Baby, you can switch the channel over just like that.

Endless joy and endless laughter...
Folks living happily ever after...
All you need to make you wise
Is 23 minutes plus advertisements.

[Bridge 1:]
Why would we waste our energy?
Turning the pages 1, 2, 3,
When we can sit comfortably
On our lovely bumferlies,
Watching people singing and talking and doing stuff?!

[Chorus 2:]
All I know I learned from telly.
The bigger the telly, the smarter the man!
You can tell from my big telly,
Just what a clever fella I am!

Take it away, son.
[terrible guitar solo]
You can’t learn that from a stupid book.

All I know I learned from telly -
What to think and what to buy.
I was pretty smart already,
But now I’m really, really smart - very very smart.
Endless content, endless channels...
Endless chat on endless panels...
All you need to fill your muffin,
Without having to really think or nothing!

[Bridge 2:]
Why would we waste our energy,
Trying to work out Ulysses,
When we can sit happily
On our lovely bapperlies
Watching slightly famous people,
Talking to really famous people?

[Repeat Chorus 2]

Who the dickens is Charles Dickens?
Mary Shelly? Gosh, she sounds smelly.
Harry Potter? What a rotter...
Jane Austen in the compost bin...
James Joyce doesn’t sound nice.
Ian McEwen? Ugh, I feel like spewin'.
William Shakespeare? Swilliam Shmakespeare...
Moby Dick – easy Grandma!

All together now!

[Repeat Chorus 2]

Thank you very much!

[Thanks to Georgie & for lyrics]

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