Miss Saigon - Maybe Lyrics

Song from Miss Saigon the musical
Miss Saigon
- Maybe Lyrics

Help me
Am I fooling myself
If I've already lost you?
Nothing's changed, you're still mine,
We can try to ignore this.
But if she has come back in your life,
Well then maybe, you were never mine.

And yet my heart cries maybe,
It's a trick, it's a lie,
She's just trying to use you
But I looked in her eyes:
It could kill her to lose you,
And maybe, just maybe you need her too.

Back when we met,
You were broken and wild,
And I held you at night,
and I ached when you cried.
But despite what we lacked,
We tried staying on track, no regret, yet,

Maybe it was fate
That suddenly brought her back to you,
And your love was true love,
Before I even knew you,
If the life of your dreams,
Is the life she is giving,
Should I be the one to stop your dream from living?
If you're hers, then be hers,
And forget about me now.
I've been blind for so long,
That perhaps I can see now,
And maybe,
Just maybe,
I'll find the strength I need to set you free now,
I'll be strong, I'll stand firm,
So my tears won't betray me,
But my heart might just break,
If what may be, may be.

Miss Saigon Maybe Lyrics

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Maybe Lyrics Miss Saigon the musical