Mothers' Complaint Lyrics

1928 Broadway
This Year of Grace the Musical - Mothers' Complaint Lyrics

Music and lyrics by Noël Coward.

We're all of us mothers
We're all of us wives,
The whole depressing crowd of us
With our kind assistance
The Motherland thrives.
We hope the nation's proud of us
For one dreary fortnight
In each dreary year
We bring our obstreperous families here.
We paddle and bathe while it hails and it rains
In spite of anaemia and varicose veins,
Hey nonny, ho nonny, no no no.
Our lodgings are frowzy
Expensive and damp.
The food is indigestible
We sit on the beach
Till we're tortured with cramp
And life is quite detestable.
The children go out with a bucket and spade
And injure themselves on the asphalt parade,
There's sand in the porridge and sand in the bed,
And if this is pleasure,
We'd rather be dead,
Hey nonny, ho nonny, no no no!

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This Year of Grace Mothers' Complaint Lyrics

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