9 To 5 - Let Love Grow Lyrics

2009 Broadway production
9 To 5 The Musical - Let Love Grow Lyrics

Music and lyrics by Dolly Parton.

Love can grow in the strangest places,
Might find love in strangers faces.
Waiting just around the corner for all you know.

Love can grow where you least expect it,
take and chance and don't reject it.
Love will grow if one just lets it,
let love grow.

I know you, have feelings for me too
but you're afraid to try love again.

I know your heart is true
but this is all so new.
I wonder what i'll do,

if I would let you in.

It's a chance that's worth the taking.
Love is always out there for the making.
Find it in the eyes of someone that you know.

In any color, shape or fashion
there is no denying passsion.
Love is always everlasting,
let love grow.

Love can fill the empty spaces,
dry our tears and all their traces,
mend our broken hearts and heal our souls.

Hindsights always out to blind you.

Look ahead

and not behind you.
Look for love and let it find you,
let love grow..

Love will grow if one just lets it,

Let love grow.
Let love grow..

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