Audra McDonald - I Won't Mind Lyrics

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Audra McDonald - I Won't Mind Lyrics

I won’t mind sitting by your cradle
Singing to you softly far into the night.
I won’t mind playing peek a boo for hours
To see that look of wonder, wonder and delight
Soon they’ll be asking “where is baby’s nose?
Where is baby’s shoe?
Where is baby’s hat?”
Clever little boy they’ll say, Lizzie taught him that.

I won’t mind telling you a story,
Quacking like a duck, chirping like a bird.
I won’t mind when you ask me to repeat it
‘Til you can say it with me
Knowing every word.
You needn’t worry if there’s chocolate on your hands,
Jelly on your face, porridge on my skirt
Run to me and I’ll be there to hold you when you hurt.

They’ll say Auntie Lizzie can’t say no,
They’ll say Auntie Lizzie’s spoiling you,
They’ll say Auntie Lizzie’s wrapped around your finger
I’ll say, “Yes, it’s true.”

I won’t mind knowing that your mother
Showers you with kisses, bakes your favorite bread
I won’d mind when I see your father lift you and
Swing you to his shoulders high above my head
They may be busy, I can take you skating,
I can take you sledding,
Sliding down a hill.
They won’t build a snowman, Auntie Lizzie will

They’ll say Auntie Lizzie holds too tight,
They’ll say Auntie Lizzie can’t let go
They’ll say Auntie Lizzie’s really not your aunt anyway
You’ll say, “no, that isn’t so.”

In my heart, I will keep a secret,
Foolish little secret, hidden from the rest.
In my dreams you’re my own, my very own
And I blanket you with love as I hold you to my breast.
“Lizzie he’s not yours, Lizzie in his life
Your part is very small…”
But if one day a toy should break, or maybe playing patty-cake
You call me mama by mistake,
I won’t mind at all

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I Won't Mind Audra McDonald lyrics

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