Anything Goes - What a Joy to be Young Lyrics

2011 Broadway Revival
Anything Goes the Musical - What a Joy to be Young Lyrics

A girl of sweet sixteen
Believes ev'ry word she hears
When any little boy appears
And plays a love scene.
It would be rather fun
To be sixteen again,
And still have faith in men,
But that's all over now.
I'm twenty-one.
What a joy to be young.
And to b'lieve ev'ry love-song that's sung.
What a blessing to be not so clever,
As to doubt if love can go on forever.
Ev'ry day I am told,
You'll be wiser by far when you're old.
But till away the last sweet dream has been flung,
What a wonderful joy
To be in love and young.

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What a Joy to be Young Lyrics Anything Goes the Musical

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