Bridges of Madison County - Always Better Lyrics

Broadway Production (2014)
Bridges of Madison County the Musical - Always Better Lyrics

(Music & lyrics by Jason Robert Brown - Always Better Lyrics)

You could have driven into someone else's driveway.
You could have tried to find the bridge another day.
I could have gone off to the fair,
Or locked the door, or washed my hair,
And in a way, that would be better.

We could have chosen to ignore what we were feeling.
We could have prayed to make the wanting go away,
But what we did
Is that we loved,
And love is always better.

I could have gone with you and left behind the cornfields.
I could have seen a world like none I'd ever known.
I could have tied my dreams to yours
And slept beside you on the moors
And who can say? That might be better.

I could have not been where my children turned for answers,
And never seen what they've become now that they're grown,
But what I did
Is that I loved
And love is always better.

It is hard,
It is insane
To place one love
Above another,
But what a choice!
And what a gift!
And what a blessing!


I could have never known
That love like this existed,
But then you kissed me
And you left and then I knew,
But what is true
Is that we loved,
And that I loved,
And that I love,
And I will always love
And love
Is always better.


You and I
Are just one second.
Spinning by
In one split-second.
You and I
Have just one second
And a million miles to go.

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