Bubble Boy - Bring Back My Boy Lyrics

The new musical based on the 2001 cult classic film of the same name
Bubble Boy the Musical - Bring Back My Boy Lyrics

Original song "Bring Back My Boy" performed by Alice Ripley from Bubble Boy the Musical.

Hello 911,
This is Mrs. Dorothy Livingston,
I'm calling 'bout my son
He's a boy in a bubble
But he's out of his bubble, 
He's in serious trouble,
Put out an A.P.B.,
It's an emergency,
He hasn't got a prayer,
He could die just breathing the air,
And the people out there,
What about them?
What about their phlegm?
They've got lots of phlegm
And it's filled with diseases,
What if someone sneezes?
Oh, help me, Jesus!

Bring Back My Boy!
My Bubble Boy!
He just eats soy!
Bring Back My Boy!
Well, he's twenty one,
But he's still my son.
No, he's not just out having fun!
Twenty-four hours?
Are you insane?
Didn't I explain? 
Use your brain!
He's a boy in a bubble!
A ransom note?
Is there a ransom note?

They need a ransom note!

Sorry just clearing my throat.
What is your name?
How is that a name?
May I please speak to someone with a normal name?
This is not a game,
Cross me you'll rue it,
Tell her, Morton!
Never mind.
I'll do it!

Bring back my boy!
My Bubble Boy!
Search and destroy!
Bring back my boy!
Bring back my boy!
My Bubble Boy!
My only joy.
Bring back
Bring back my boy!

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Bring Back My Boy lyrics from Bubble Boy the musical

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