Bing Crosby - Well Did You Evah? Lyrics

Song written by Cole Porter
Bing Crosby (with Frank Sinatra) - Well Did You Evah? Lyrics

(from "High Society" - 1956 American romantic musical comedy film)

I have heard among this clan
You are called the forgotten man

Is that what they're saying, well did you evah!
What a swell party this is

And have you heard the story of
A boy, a girl, unrequited love

BING: Sounds like pure soap opera

FRANK: I may cry

Tune In Tomorrow
What a swell party this is
What frails, what frocks

FRANK: What broads!

BING: What furs, what rocks!

FRANK: They're bootiful

BING: Why I've never seen such gaity

FRANK: Neither have I

BING: It's all just too, too risque really

FRANK: This french champagne

BING: Domestic

BOTH: So good for the brain

FRANK: Thats what I was going to say

BING: You know you're a brilliant fellow?

FRANK: Why thankyou

Pick up jack. please don't eat that glass my friend
Have you heard, about dear Blanche?
Got run down by an avalanche


Oh don't worry,
Shes a game girl you know, got up and finished 4th

FRANK: The kids got guts

BING: Having a nice time? Grab a line!

FRANK: Have you heard that Mimsie Starr

BING: What now?

FRANK: She got pinched in the Astor bar

BING: Sloshed again, eh?

FRANK: She was stoned

BING: Well, did you evah?

FRANK: Never!

BOTH: What a swell party this is!

FRANK: Hey, check out that act!

That's a lovely dress
You think I can talk her out of it?

FRANK: It's great

BING: Aah it's great

FRANK: So grand!

BING: So grand

BOTH: It's wonderland!

FRANK: We sing. We sing.

BING: So rare

FRANK: So rare

Like old camembert
Like baba au rhum!

BING: Don't dig that kind of crooning chum!

Have you heard? It's in the stars
Next July we collide with Mars
Well, did you evah?
What a swell party, a swell party
A swelligant, elegant party this is!

BING: I drink to your health

FRANK: Naw, lets drink to your wealth

BING: You're my bon'amie

FRANK: Hey, thats french

BOTH: A liberty fraternity

Have you heard? It's in the stars
Next July we collide with Mars
Well, did you evah?
What a swell party, swell party
Swelligant, elegant party this is!

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Bing Crosby Lyrics Well Did You Evah?

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