Carrie the musical - Epilogue Lyrics

Broadway Production 1988
Carrie: the Musical - Epilogue Lyrics

Sue: No doubts. No more fears.
I see you shine and the dark disappears.
Tommy: One day you finally see her
Boys: One day you finally see her
Girls: One day you finally see her
Tommy: Finally see her
Everyone: Finally see her
Sue and Tommy: For years, you look
Everyone: You look at someone passing by
Girls: And then one day you see her
Boys: And then one day you see her
Everyone: One day you finally see her. Now
Sue: How can I not see?
Everyone: Me? Am I so blind?
Girls: I could say, say
Boys: I could say
Everyone: Thank God that's not me.
But what does it cost to be kind?
Boys: Blinded. And silent, too scared to be
Everyone: And to finally see. And to finally see.
Sue: I felt as though this girl revealed her self to me.
And now, I know
Boys: Fin'lly see
Girls: Fin'lly see
Sue: That once you see, you can't unsee.

[Thanks to Daisy Briones for lyrics]

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Epilogue lyrics Carrie the musical

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