Carrie the musical - Heaven Lyrics

Broadway Production 1988
Carrie: the Musical - Heaven Lyrics

two hands
joining in one dance
we wont feel the floor cuz we'll float like a star
two feet
moving to one beat
we don't travel far and yet look where we are
heaven, it's almost like heaven
I'm here with the moon and the night
and I'm here with you
two hearts
thats how true love starts
it starts when you feel the way that i do
sometimes feelings catch us unaware
you blink and they're there
yes that's how it feels
you've bewitched me
I don't know how
but right here and now I'm head over heels
in heaven, it's almost like heaven
I never dreamed i could feel what I feel for you
two hearts
that's how true love starts
it starts when you feel the way i do

[Thanks to iddo for lyrics]

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