The Color Purple - The Color Purple Lyrics

Broadway Revival (2015)
The Color Purple Musical - The Color Purple Lyrics

"The Color Purple" is a song from the Broadway musical The Color Purple performed by Jennifer Hudson (Shug) and Cynthia Erivo (Celie).

God forgot about me!

God takin' his time getting around to you,
I admit, but look at all he give us.
Laughin', and singin', and sex.
Sky over our heads, birds singin' to us. I think it piss
God off if anybody even walk past
the color purple in a field and not notice it. He
Say, "look what i made for you."

God just another man, far as i'm concerned,
He triflin' and lowdown . . .

No, celie. God not some gloomy old man like
the pictures you've seen of him.
God not a man at all.
God is inside you and everyone else
That was or ever will be.
We come into this world with god.
But only them who look inside find it.
God is the flowers and everything else
That was or ever will be.
And when you feel the truth so real,
And when you love the way you feel, you've found it
Just as sure as moonlight bless the night.
Like a blade of corn,
Like a honeybee,
Like a waterfall,
All a part of me.
Like the color purple,
Where do it come from?
Open up your eyes,
Look what god has done.

You better be gettin' back.
Your husband probably wonderin' where you are.

Where do you want to be, celie?

With you.

All right then.

God gon' take me to live with you?

Come on.

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The Color Purple lyrics The Color Purple Musical Lyrics

The Color Purple Musical Lyrics

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