The Color Purple - Celie's Curse Lyrics

Broadway Revival (2015)
The Color Purple Musical - Celie's Curse Lyrics

"Celie's Curse" is a song from the Broadway musical The Color Purple performed by Isaiah Johnson (Mister).

Go on, git! Git outta my house! Leave me alone!
Get out of . . . Get out! No! Leave
Me alone, you - no! Goddamn bats get out of my -!
No! Stop! Get away from
Me! Ow! Help!!!!!
What you lookin' at? Bunch of damn fools.
I don't have to stay here, worthless town.
I can walk right down this road. By myself.
Never see nobody I know ever again.
Nobody to put up with.
Nobody to mess with me.
Nobody to push me around.
Nobody to tell me what to do.
Nobody to expect somethin' of me.
Nobody to tell me who I am
And who I ain't.
I got plenty to blame.
My daddy beat me,
For my own good, he say.
My first wife got kilt
When she run away.
My kids is all fools,
My crops is all dead,
Only woman i love
Won't lie in my bed.
A black man's life
Can't get any worse
'Less he wastin' away
Under miss celie's curse!
So tell me how a man do good
When all he know is bad?
Harpo happy.
What right he got to be happy?
Wife leave,
Girlfriend leave him, too.
His mama die in his arms.
Somebody tell me
How he keep findin'
So much good from so much bad?
His wife come back,
His business fine.
Everyone say
Harpo shine.
For all they been through,
They do just fine.
Nothin' I say
Change people mind about me.
Ain't gon' be nothin' I say,
Gon' be somethin' I do.
Maybe all my good lay ahead of me.
Ain't gon' be nothin' I say,
Gon' be somethin' I do.
Maybe everything I do.

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Celie's Curse The Color Purple Musical Lyrics

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