The Desert Song - The Riff Song Lyrics

1926 Broadway
The Desert Song the Operetta - The Riff Song Lyrics

The song is written by Sigmund Romberg, Otto Harbach and Oscar Hammerstein II.

Over the ground
There comes a sound
It is the drum, drum, drum
Of hoof-beats in the sand.

Quiver with fear
If you are near
It is the thunder
Of the "Shadow" and his band.

And all who plunder learn to understand,
To understand:
The cry of


So we sing as we are riding
It's a time you best be hiding Low,
It means the Riffs are abroad,
Before you've bitten the sword.
That's the sound that comes to warn you.
In the night or early morn, you know,
If you're the "Red Shadow's" foe,
The Riffs will strike with a blow,
That brings you woe.

Repeat Refrain

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The Desert Song the Musical Lyrics

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