Another Life Lyrics

1983 Broadway
Dance a Little Closer the Musical - Another Life Lyrics

The song is written by Charles Strouse and Alan Jay Lerner.

I like you, I do, Harry.
I like you a lot.
You’re what I want, Harry.
But what I need, you’re not.
I know about love, Harry.
I know what it’s worth
I want the moon, Harry.
All you got is the earth.

The iron bed;
The noisy hall:
Where every sound
Comes though the wall.
The drafty room;
The mended clothes;
The window box
Where nothing grows...
Another life!
I want another life...

With satin sheets
Beneath my skin;
A maid who brings
My breakfast in.

And anywhere
I ever go
I’m someone who
They want to know.
Another life!
I want another life!

Someone rich may come along
And make a queen of me.
Maybe there’ll be three or four,
But I don’t care
As long as there

Are closets filled
With clothes to wear;
With hopes to burn
And dreams to spare.
I want to live so near the sky,
So high I’ll never
Hear another train go by.
Another life!
There’s got to be
Another life
Somewhere for me.

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