Footloose - Heaven Help Me Lyrics

1998 Broadway
Footloose the Musical - Heaven Help Me Lyrics

I don't enjoy being her jailor
I don't relish telling her "No!"
But then I think - what if I fail her?
How can I just let her go?
I strive to be a good preacher
I try not to go overboard
But then I think - if I can't reach her
How can I face my Lord?
Heaven help me shoulder my load
Every day's a struggle, still
Someone's got to take the high road
If I don't, who will?
I became a man of God
To do his work
To spread his word
To ease some pain
And dry some tears
That was the plan
But I might have thought twice if only I knew that
I'd spend all of my time saying,
"Ainh ainh ainh, no no! Don't do that!"
See, everyone prays for salvation
I'm happy to give them the tools
The problem is - here's my frustration
Nobody wants to have rules
So heaven help me with my labors
How can you expect one man to
Save his family and his neighbors?
Heaven help me
Oh, heaven help me
If heaven can't, who can?

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Footloose musical Heaven Help Me Lyrics,
Heaven Help Me Footloose lyrics

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